James Gosnold
RCA Visual Communication (2016-2018)

Research project exploring the use of Facadism within developments in London during 2018, documented through photographic research and experimental digital collage. Exhibited as a risograph publication and digital vinyl prints at the RCA graduate exhibition.

ORE Typeface
Experimental typeface based around rock formations and temporary metal structures that support each letter, exhibited as an animated poster for the Typographic Singularity 2018 exhibition and within a collaborative publication as part of RCA Type Family workshop.

Publication spreads and visual research from on-going collaborative project based around 3D scanning as a way of producing images, with personal contribution focusing on recreating sites from fragmented scans of the Ancient Agora of Athens created in 2017.

Ruins Of Power 
Research project creating comparisons of status and power between the similarities of architectural structures at Greenwich Power Station, London and the Parthenon, Athens. Exhibited as a risograph publication and short essay at the RCA work in-progress show. 

Research project cataloging the breakwater defence structures of Hornsea, exhibited as a risograph publication and installation.

Blue Plastic Monuments 
Experimental visual research project that explores the materiality and power of the colour blue within the everyday and the monumental, explored through photography, digital collages, sculptural objects, and exhibited as a risograph publication and installation.